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Although indoors, CUBE’s t’Park is meant to have the peacefulness and playfulness of a green park, inviting the public to enjoy its grounds. With a park for inspiration, the interior was decorated to evoke nature with leaf print walls, natural colored flooring and light colored furniture. Bringing some nature inside, large cages were hung from the ceiling containing lush plants that naturally filter the air. The plant cages are on pulleys that makes it easy to lower or reposition them. Felled birch trunks line the room as decorative pillars, giving the feeling of being outdoors.

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The room is also filled with mismatched furniture, many tables and chairs found in storage areas of the municipality, unused for years. Many of the pendant lamps were also reused from former city buildings. To serve visitors, and reinforce the green approach, an organic coffee bar was installed in t’Park. Visitors can snack on organic sandwiches, fresh pressed juice and organic coffees.

The t’Park gives both local employees and visitors a comfortable place to meet, plan, or work, with the comforts of an outdoor park in all weather.

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