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Infamously known as Spain’s most famous ghost town and victim of the 2008 housing bubble collapse, Seseña is home to few residents, yet contains thousands upon thousands of used tires. The mountains of tires are so vast that they cover an area of over 10 hectares (25 acres) and take on the appearance of a seamless black sea. The enormous tire dumpsite, which has been piling up since the 1990s, is highly flammable and is condemned as a major environmental and safety hazard. Regional governments have only recently started to clean up the mess and hired companies to begin recycling the tires into building materials, such as surfacing for roads.

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CÚMUL took both inspiration and salvaged tires from Seseña. The artists cut the tires with handsaws and arranged them into the shape of one of the “waves” from Seseña’s sea of tires. “A tire sea resting within the fields without any promising destiny but with the only purpose to stain black the landscape,” write the artists. “‘ONA’ is a part of this sea…now though, she finds herself immersed within the urban surface, breaking down the architecture and creating an aesthetic experience.”


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Images via CÚMUL