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Perched on the side of an alpine peak, the Wildspitzbahn welcomes visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of the Austrian alps after a tiring day of winter sports. The restaurant, ski lift and visitor center emerges from the snow, capped with an aerodynamic white roof that camouflages the structure from afar.

Visitors can ski right into Wildspitzbahn and jump on a Spanish Aero car, which will take them on a spectacular journey to the ski slopes across the mountain, where a sister structure with a matching roof awaits.

The restaurant is lined with double height floor-to-ceiling windows that maximize both daylight and the stellar views. Wooden benches, chairs and a table adorn the café, and a wrap-around observation deck lined with a glass curtain guard invites visitors to take in uninterrupted views in the crisp air.

Made from steel and aluminum, the curvilinear structure is designed to deflect high mountain winds while drawing in as much natural light as possible. The structure blends with the natural Alpine landscape, welcoming snow thrill seekers without marring the view.

+ Baumschlager Hutter Partners

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