Frank Gehry made design history in 1972 when he designed a whole set of curvy modern furniture out of cardboard. You’ve more than likely seen Gehry’s classic Wiggle Chair hanging out around stylish offices and design spaces – showing off the strength, durability, and organic comfort that is possible with layered corrugated cardboard…

You can buy the classic Gehry wiggle chair from many mid-century modern design shops (like Moss) for 850 bucks, which isn’t too bad for a classic design icon. However, we’ve just discovered that there is now a cheaper and more eco-friendly knock-off of the same thing at

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We are not exactly sure what is going on with the intellectual property here, but we do know that the business looks perfectly legit and Cardboardchair’s version of the Wiggle chair is about half the price of the original ($430) – AND is made with 30% recycled cardboard:

$850 – Gehry Wiggle Chair at Moss

$430 – Curvy Side chair at

In addition, the Cardboard chair company seems to have surpassed their original point of inspiration, because they’ve come up with a whole new set of designs for tables, stools and even shelves that are really clever and beautiful – designs that would probably make papa Gehry proud (if he isn’t mad about his classic chair getting ripped off…)