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The clients are a sporty family that also enjoy hosting a lot of parties. They also love the sun, even though there isn’t much of that in Russia. So Kostelov used sustainably-sourced timber to create a layered Dacha (summer house) that is at once open to the elements but also protected from it. When the sun is out, there are built in bathing areas, but then the rooftop also creates a sheltered kitchen, dining area and indoor shower for when the weather is less friendly.

To contribute to the project’s sustainability, Kostelov installed a solar battery that is used to heat water, and limited his pallet of materials to mostly timber. But sustainability is also about healthy living, which is something that distinguishes this summer home from most. A series of pull up bars, a seesaw and other interventions create a mini gym that promotes an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. As usual, Kostelov breaks the mold with this unique and contemporary minimalist design.

+ Peter Kostelov