Hive Modular is three architects who dreamt of building affordable pre-fab homes. Affordable prefab, you ask? Isn’t all prefab affordable? Although prefabricated building is meant to be affordable by its very nature ? in reality, many of the Modernist prefab houses currently on the market tend towards the “summer home for design-savvy millionaire” (aka First Penthouse) rather than the “starter house for first-time home buyer”. Faced with this challenge, Hive Modular has attempted to blend affordability and style with their new B-line house.

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Ours are cool houses, and we?re proud of the designs, but they are not our end-all dream house. We?ve designed the b-line houses to be efficient and modest in size, and affordable to people like us: the first time home buyer.

The rectangular stick-frame house comes in three sizes and can be custom designed for an extra fee. The B-line models range in size from 1000 – 2300 square feet and are priced between $125 – $140 / SF. With the additional consulting and installation costs thrown in, you’re looking at roughly 200 – 400K for these babies.

With the corrugated panels, the B-line does look a bit like a giant cardboard box ? but the interior seems spacious and comfortable, and the price is certainly right. You could do far worse for a first house.

The first prototype has gone up in Minneapolis, and more are sure to follow.

Via Fab Prefab