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The Garden House utilizes an existing boundary wall on the property, turning what may have been a drab space into one that invites tranquility and quiet appreciation of the area. Atop these timeworn stone walls is a steep wooden roof, which holds a surprisingly spacious attic. One wall appears to only hold a simple window, but looks can be deceiving: the walls open up completely, revealing beautiful latticework that allows the fragrances from the gardens to waft indoors.

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The lower level of the house is promising as well, utilizing a ladder to the attic as a way to increase floor space. The floor is divided between an open living area and a restroom, all surrounded by clean, bright wood. By using both wood and the existing stone structures, the architects were able to cut costs and pay homage to the age-old site. And being surrounded by greenery is an added perk to any future residents.

+Vécsey Schmidt Architekten

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Images via Doris Lasch