The Catskills area will soon welcome the Eastwind Hotel, a 1920s bunk house that has been converted into a gorgeous boutique hotel and accompanying tiny cabins. The space is geared toward outdoor enthusiasts looking to enjoy the lush Windham Mountain area. For those really looking to get back to nature, the hotel offers a series of tiny A-frame huts that provide guests with a solitary off-grid experience.

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A frame cabin with large window

Door leading into wooden cabin

The 14-by-14-foot Lushna Cabins are tucked into the landscape overlooking Windham Mountain — just a two hour drive north from New York City. With a simple aesthetic, the cabins are designed to return guests to nature. The huts are insulated to withstand the seasons, and each structure has a single window that offers natural light and incredible views of the surroundings.

interior of A frame cabin with large bed and window

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The wooden cabins are equipped with a simple queen-sized bed with top-of-the-line linens, a wooden chest and plenty of wildlife journals to take while exploring the area. Visitors can also make use of the provided camping kits, complete with grilling equipment to use in the fire pits.

hotel bed with checkered blanket

living area with chimney

The hotel’s goal is to meet the needs of all types of guests. For those who’d like a little bit more luxury, there are boutique suites that offer the best in amenities. Visitors will also be able to choose from various events and activities including outdoor movie screenings in summer, game nights in winter, concerts, classes and outdoor excursions. Eastwind Hotel & Bar is slated to open for business this June.

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interior of A frame cabin

hotel bed with checkered blanket

hotel bed with checkered blanket

hotel bed with checkered blanket

white bathroom with black and white features