An old office building in Shanghai has been given a new life as the serene Jade Art Museum. Designed by Archi-Union Architects, the renovation transformed a sterile office space into an innovative art museum, while still keeping the original structural limits. Angular interior walls turn the functional feeling of the office into a dynamic and creative place to display and interact with art.

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In order to break the mold of the featureless office, Archi-Union Architects inserted a curvilinear interior box, which sweeps from room to room. The cool concrete curves hug the space, creating an intimate place to experience the museum’s collection. The curves join together to form a twisting staircase that brings visitors from floor to floor.

The resulting space is both minimalist and inviting, and it creates a blank slate for art appreciation. The property is centered around a courtyard, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow light to flood into an indoor sculpture garden. A reflecting pool disperses daylight in the sitting and meeting place. Other areas of the museum are more cavern-like – visitors can follow dark tunnels that are illuminated only by display lights, which add drama to the presentation.

The geometric folding interior was created using a 3D modeling program and digital fabrication. By using CNC fabrication, Archi-Union was able to design a sleek, exact interior, cutting down on construction costs and waste.

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