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Lucas and Conkle lived for two weeks amongst the undeveloped lands of Mongolia, making site specific sculpture, video, installation and photography, which were then exhibited at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery in Ulaanbataar. Dedicated to creating environmentally-themed art works, the duo expanded their repertoire across the globe, meshing their love of nature with their signature ornate aesthetic.

The artists spent days painstakingly applying gold leaf to Gobi Desert boulders and small rocks alike, creating a relationship with first world decadence and the beauty of Mother Nature. The gilded landscape is meant to question the communication between mankind and the earth’s natural resources, energy, and bounty. The highlighted stones glisten and glitter in the desert sun, only enhancing an already magical landscape.

Eco-Baroque’s treatment of the Mongolian terraain was captured in photographs, before everything was scrubbed and returned to its untouched splendor. The collection also included gorgeous portraits of the local Mongolian people who call the vast area home.

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