Valentines Day is right around the corner, and its the time of year when jewelry shopping goes into high gear. If you’re looking for a fun, eco-friendly jewelry gift for your sweetie that won’t break the bank, check out some of the green jewelry ideas we’ve listed below. From high-end bling to cheap and chic trinkets, we’ve got a bunch of ideas to make your green girl happy on Valentine’s Day.

Linda Loudermilk, Water is a human right, water drop necklace, linda loudermilk water necklace


Support clean water around the globe and give your sweetheart a unique gift with Linda Loudermilk’s Water Necklace, available at the Inhabitat Shop. This lovely necklace is made from reclaimed silver and proceeds from every purchase are used to make donations to the YEW Foundation to support organizations with clean water initiatives.

$85 – Linda LouderMilk Water Drop Necklace

Jill Fehrenbacher's engagement ring, cultured sapphire with recycled platinum, eco-friendly engagement ring, green jewelry, sustainable jewelry


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but eco-jewelry is the green girl’s soulmate. Dealing in recycled gold, silver and platinum, and recycled and cultured gems, Green Karat is a great option for eco-friendly precious jewelry, if you’re in the market for a gorgeous jewel with a responsible slant.

+ Greenkarat

Felt rings, felt ring, eco felt ring


At the other side of the spectrum, these cute, cheeky wool felt rings are an ironic take on high-end bling. The flat-packed, wool felt rings can be assembled in a variety of colors to produce one heck of a ‘rock’. Available in blue, pink, white or chocolate, there’s a shade to suit every taste.

$28 at the Inhabitat Shop

recycled chains, recycled chain bracelet, eco jewelry


Charm your sweetheart with this eco-chic bracelet made from recycled jewelry chains. Made from 9 recycled strands, this bracelet is simple, versatile and elegant — a great everyday piece of jewelry, with a unique heritage.

$75 – Recycled Chain Bracelet

eco jewelry, recycled glass earrings, recycled glass jewelry, glass hoop earrings


These simple glass hoop earrings are a perfect addition to an eco gal’s jewelry collection. Made from recycled glass bottles, these earrings conserve resources by keeping glass out of landfill.

$55 – Recycled Glass Earrings

wallpaper recycled vinyl cuff, wrecords by monkey, reycled LP cuff, recycled records, recycled LP jewelry


These re-purposed vinyl cuffs just about embody the very idea of urbanity. Made of damaged or unwanted LP vinyls, these cuffs combine mold together music, jewelry design, and graphic design. Many of the designs often seem to be articulating a unique, polished take on urban life and the sights and patterns to be seen in the city.

$15 at the Inhabitat Shop

wallpaper recycled vinyl cuff, wrecords by monkey, reycled LP cuff, recycled records, recycled LP jewelry, cameo pendant


This recycled LP cameo pendant necklace takes an old-fashioned form and adds a twist of contemporary that gives it a little bit of attitude. The front silhouette cut-out is always made of recycled vinyl records, however, the back is available in beige acrylic, cherry wood, and black recycled vinyl. The pendant is designed by WrecordsbyMonkey and is part of their Heritage Collection.

$75 – Cameo Pendant