Felipe Campolina’s ECObitat is a modular housing system designed specifically to provide emergency or disaster relief housing. Easily transported and made of off-the-shelf materials, the one-bedroom home can be constructed easily and delivered to wherever it is needed. We especially dig ECObitat’s modular living wall and green roof system that gives the prefab a lush, organic exterior.

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ECObitat is constructed using standard OSB sheets, and everything is scaled using 1.22 m x 2.44 m dimensions. A steel frame makes up the structure, while SIP panels are used for the walls and floor to define the rooms and provide support and insulation. The resulting modular system has dimensions of 2.44 m x 3.10 m x 12.20 — roughly the size of a standard 40′ shipping container. The bedroom sits at one end, the bathroom is in the middle, and the kitchen and living areas are at the far end. Long vertical slits in the green wall act as windows, and the two ends fold down like a drawbridge to provide additional outdoor living space.

The whole system sits on telescoping legs, which make it easier to place on varied ground without needing to level out a flat area. A metallic roof holds a series of solar panels as well as a small-scale wind turbine, which produce enough power for the small home. Modular plant boxes are mounted on the exterior and are planted with vegetation, which provides extra insulation. Depending on the types of plants used, the prefab’s walls could even produce food. Each modular system can be delivered on a standard flat bed truck for easy deployment.