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Martinet’s junk sculptures are unique in their beautiful craftsmanship. Despite being made from clunky elements like used bike chains, typewriter heads and drawer handles, each sculpture appears to be delicate and detailed. Rather than soldering, the artist uses tiny screws to affix each thin piece of metal to its base, making for sturdy yet movable legs, arms and antennae that give each piece a more realistic feel.

The key to the accurate detail depicted in each of Martinet’s insect and animal creations lies in his ability to envision a reuse of the perfect part as he scavenges junk and salvage stores. The artist’s creative mind translates an old bike horn into a thorax, or glass remnants into glistening wings, making each part the perfect fit for each sculptural creation.

After about one month of reworking and finding the perfect parts, the sculptures are usually ready for display. With his creative spirit, Martinet gives new life to discarded mechanical parts, creating a veritable zoo of delicate upcycled creatures.

+ Edouard Martinet

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