Blaanc Borderless Architecture just unveiled a series of beautiful folded Orikomi paper lamps that are handmade in Portugal. The geometric shades keep material use to a minimum, and all proceeds go towards helping Mexican women construct their own houses through the Adobe for Women Association, a non-profit humanitarian organization founded in 2011.

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Blaanc’s elegant Orikomi lamps require very little energy to create, and their production results in little waste. The sculptural pendant lamps are lightweight and subtle, while the tea light collection features more structured forms.

In addition to the lamps’ environmentally conscious construction, the team works towards providing better living conditions for women in Mexico. Adobe for Women is based on three fundamental objectives of construction, sustainability and empowerment. They seek to roll out practical solutions that provide housing for these women and enable them to earn a viable source of income.

Take a look at Blaanc’s Etsy page for the full Orikomi collection

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