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eco-luxury living, sustainable architecture, czech green architecture, Jestico + Whiles, minimalist home design

This is a home that can think for itself, using the latest technology. Automatically optimised temperature control uses live data from the house’s weather station to provide maximum energy efficiency. A highly insulated shell and triple-glazed windows reduce the building’s need for energy. When heating is required, heat pumps and solar panels provide temperature control and hot water without the need for fossil fuels.

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The light grey structure is placed intelligently within the landscape, with a transparent, south-facing facade that makes the most of natural light and passive solar gain. Overhanging balconies and a cantilevered roof prevent overheating in summer, and provide shaded outdoor seating space on the wooden decking.

eco-luxury living, sustainable architecture, czech green architecture, Jestico + Whiles, minimalist home design

The building’s indoor/outdoor connection feels effortless. Entering the villa through a wide glass doorway, you’re met with a direct view through to the landscaped garden beyond. A series of open-plan living spaces reveal the owner’s African artwork illuminated by natural light. Frameless windows on the ground floor emphasise the connection with the garden further, and external terraces feature a thermo ash finish that will turn grey over the next few months to match the bleached oak floor.

Related: Copious Natural Lighting Makes Translucent Timber Studio a Photographer’s Dream The focal point of the house is a floating natural oak staircase; a relaxing way to enter the spa area downstairs, and bedrooms above. Looking out from the sleeping quarters, a large skylight framed by a picturesque pocket garden can be seen. On the level of the bedroom floor, the skylight breaks up the facade and brings light deep into the ground area. Other bedroom and bathroom spaces look out onto the south-facing garden. Subtle LED lighting for the private terrace is integrated within the rain-drip detail along the edge of the roof.

A separate and glazed garage structure showcases the owner’s collection of cars. We’re not sure if the collection features any electric or solar vehicles to reflect the energy efficiency of their shelter, but here’s hoping!

+ Jestico + Whiles Photography by Ales Jungmann