Living Architecture just unveiled the first images of its next installment in a series of iconic works of architecture that will be built and then rented to tourists – and it’s by far the strangest yet. Designed by renowned artist Grayson Perry with help from the London-based FAT Architecture, the double-story timber fantasy house was originally rejected by Essex’s town council. The “House in Essex” has since been approved, and it will be packed with Perry’s own visceral artwork – but it gets even more curious than that.

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Architecturally, the quadruple gabled dwelling takes inspiration from the surrounding timber-framed houses in Essex, where Perry was raised. But the artist has added a few extras that are deliberately eccentric. All of the murals, tapestries, timber work and mosaic floors will act as a kind of shrine to a woman named Julie, who doesn’t actually exist.

Upon entering, there is a small foyer that leads to three formal spaces that then spill out into a double story atrium. Two bedrooms on the second floor have balconies, and there a bathtub hangs over the downstairs’ entryway! Once it is completed in 2014, visitors will be able to visit House in Essex for roughly $375 per night.

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