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The Urban Farming Food Chain Project grows living walls in four locations in downtown Los Angeles. Managed by Green Living Technologies and Emslie Osler Architects, the walls grow produce that are given to those that take care of them, providing fresh food in exchange for gardening.

+ Urban Farming Food Chain Project

Los Angeles area residents can “subscribe” to receive a box of farm fresh seasonal veggies, thanks to Silver Lake Farms. The Community Supported Agriculture program tends to the farm, while also holding classes on how to start your own vegetable garden. The gardens are largely run by volunteers and homesteads.

+ Silver Lake Farms

South Los Angeles’ lack of fresh fruits and vegetables has been addressed by Market Makeovers. A cooperation between South Los Angeles’s Healthy Eating, Active Communities Initiative and Public Matters, the project helps young people find healthy foods in a junk food wasteland- a.k.a. bodegas and delis.

+ Market Makeovers

Outside the city in Pasadena,  The Urban Homestead group has been lobbying for self-sufficient city farming since the mid-1980s. Their farm, which started in a back yard, produces fresh fruits and veggies which are sold to local restaurants.

+ Urban Homestead

Outdated laws restrict the people of Los Angeles from using their residential land to officially raise crops, for urban agriculture. The Urban Farming Advocates have been fighting to change that since June 2009, hoping to implement a new law that urban farms can be legalized to promote healthier living in Los Angeles.

+ Urban Farming Advocates

Thanks to these organizations, Los Angelenos should be eating nutritious, vitamin packed fresh fruits and veggies in no time. Their commitment to healthier living helps move the fight against childhood obesity forward.

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