Merging green living, camping, and comfortable suburban residence, Frohn & Rojas’ Wall House in Santiago de Chile is a feat of both aesthetics and engineering. The small-scale home rejects traditional building approaches, providing an interesting take on the wall as a more qualitative and complex element, addressing our relationship with the outdoors, and inspiring social interactions within the home. Not to mention its super-cool and very high-tech “energy screen,” typically used in greenhouse construction, which yields diffused lighting and a regulated interior climate zone.

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“The project breaks down the ‘traditional’ walls of a house into a series of four delaminated layers (concrete cave, stacked shelving, milky shell, soft skin) in between which the different spaces of the house slip. From the inside out the layers build upon one another, both materially and geometrically, blurring the boundary between the interior and the exterior and creating, through the specificity of the different materials used (many of which are not common in architectural applications), a series of qualitatively distinct environments.” -Frohn & Rojas

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