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The shining silver façade of the Liverpool Department store emulates the fast-paced traffic that encircles the structure – it’s positioned at the junction of several highways and overpasses. Using 3D models, the architects designed and fabricated the building’s double-layer façade. The outer layer is clad in stainless steel, and is designed to create a futuristic spectacle while shielding visitors inside from the chaos of traffic that surrounds the building. The steel layer also blocks emissions and pollutants that the traffic produces, creating a relaxing and serene space, in the midst of one of the loudest and busiest part of the suburbs. The stainless steel layer is also perforated to allow sunlight to infiltrate the expanse of each floor during the daytime. A three story atrium also creates openness, bringing light into the interior. At night, the look of the building transforms entirely. A wall of light shines between the two skins, creating beautiful colors and patterns that are reflected on the steel façade.

Aside from shopping space, Rojkind also incorporated community balconies and a roof garden, creating a new and much-needed park space for pedestrians to enjoy. Here, anyone from the community can come to relax, read, meet, or play. The project is a win-win solution for the neighborhood of Interlomas – it’s a state of the art shopping center that brings a park to an area otherwise devoid of green space.

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