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“Forum Floresco,” a colorful fortress located on the north side of the site, was designed for those who enjoy gardening. The circular building comprises 60 row houses, each roughly 200 square meters in area, with gardening spaces, flexible plans and bathroom cores. Each can be divided into five apartments with common kitchen areas. Garden spaces face the interior courtyard and are complimented with rooftop green houses.

“The Herring Bounds” aims to fulfill the fantasy of living in a pastoral small fishing village, with narrow streets and wooden houses. Each of the potential inhabitants would be able to enjoy a private boat harbor and the fact that ground floors can be converted into small selling point where they would sell their newly caught fish. The scent of smoked herring and barbequed whitefish would blend with the salty wind and draw people to join the festivities.

For those dedicated to healthy living and being physically active, the architects designed a pyramid-shaped complex with a ski jump tower and a multi-functional arena. Between sport events, a large jumbotron would be placed in the arena and would show sports. In line with the overall design, single living units help their users stay fit. Long corridors can be used for warm ups, large living rooms can be populated with gym equipment, while rubber floors improve performance. The bedrooms have large mirrors designed to reflect the superior physical appearance of the occupants.

“Motorville” is meant to become the perfect environment for motor and car lovers. The houses are stacked in a way to avoid sprawl and are organized along three streets. Each house has a 170 square meter parking area, divided into smaller 30 square meter spaces. Top floors are reserved for the occupant’s third car, boat and other big toys and gadgets. Those who would inhabit this settlement are predicted to be part of the “Raggare” subculture indigenous to Scandinavia, which gathers those obsessed with hot rod cars and 1950s American pop culture.

‘Cyborg”, the settlement which would be located in the middle of the complex, is a high rise designed for the young population glued to their computers and functioning mostly through online social networks. Here architecture is reduced to its bare minimum, as most of its users tend to focus most of their attention to computer screens. The high rise is meant to provide only what is necessary for the body to function, and leaves out double beds as the inhabitants are more likely to engage in cybersex than its lesser, real-life version.

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