It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a building? The latest from Geotectura and Malka Architects is a concept for Delft University’s Architecture Faculty- a flying structure called AIRchitecture that’s already making our heads spin. The campus building concepts combines a static learning center for libraries, offices, lecture halls, and an auditorium, with flying workspaces and off-site “zeppelins” to allow for more dynamic collaboration and exchange. This concept might sound crazy, but it is certainly a great example of a minimal footprint.

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The studio spaces will be split between an off-site “floating building” with “plug-and-play” flying classrooms for minimal environmental impact, along with satellite “zeppelins” in locations around the world. The complex is to operate as an educational machine, providing the structure to support multiple programs, and a dynamic, kinetic architecture that inspires awareness and innovation for young environmental designers, “Learning through motion and arising the activist part of the student,” as described by Geotectura.

If you’re wondering about the mechanics of this UFO-type building, the structure of the zeppelin will be built from carbon and aluminum, outfitted with PV cells embedded within the skin of a balloon frame. The designers describe the experience as “More than a building – a way of life,” that will encourage architecture students to question everything.

+ Geotectura