A five-foot tall soil bowl of blooming flowers will be coming to Socrates Sculpture Park this May. Designed by artist Meg Webster, the earthwork sculpture, called “Concave Room for Bees,” will be a labyrinth of curved walking paths lined with flowers, grasses and herbs that attract bees and other pollinators.

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The organic sculpture will be made out of 300 cubic yards of fertile soil, stacked into a five-foot-tall round structure that will eventually bloom with flowers and greenery. According to the organizers, the installation will be an inviting place to walk through and experience a “multisensory mix of botanical aromas, insect hums, dewy air, and vibrantly colored flora.” Once the exhibition has run its course, the soil used will be spread out over the park area, leaving a nutrient-rich topsoil.

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Webster’s installation will be just one of many on display in celebration of Socrates Park 30th anniversary this year. From May 8th until August 28th, park visitors will be able to enjoy Landmark, a series of eight artist commissions and projects from artists Abigail DeVille, Brendan Fernandes, Cary Leibowitz, Jessica Segall, Casey Tang, the curatorial collective ARTPORT, and Hank Willis Thomas. Like Webster’s earth art, the other installations will also be nature-themed, incorporating the park itself into the artwork.

“Landmark” will be on display starting May 8 through Aug. 28.

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