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The project is part of a master plan proposed by Lightemotion in 2013 to the Office du Tourisme de Québec, which calls for the illumination of several major arteries. The designers of Lightemotion wanted to decorate Cartier Avenue in a respectful and bold way that captures the identity of the neighborhood. The large lampshades were meant to convey a warm atmosphere and the strong spirit of the community. The Avenue ended up looking like a cozy residential interior. The large artworks, backlit by LED strips and mounted on circular structures 8 feet across by 5 feet high, are an original urban medium for displaying art.

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This outdoor gallery, made out of 34 giant lampshades, showcases the work of artists Alfred Pellan and Fernand Leduc that features interesting graphic-design elements. The installation was designed to be temporary, but it will continue until March.

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Photos by Patrick Mevel Photographie