There’s nothing like twinkly Christmas lights to make you feel warm and cozy over the holiday season. Sure they may be cheesy, gaudy, and often way over the top on certain houses every year, but that is part of the fun, right? Well, you’ll feel even better about your Christmas lights this year if they were LED lights – which use 90% less electricity than traditional tungsten bulbs. Not only does that bring your electricity bill way down, but it lessens your carbon footprint as well, and lowering your energy consumption helps fight global warming. Finally, LED Christmas lights last much longer than traditional tungsten Christmas lights, are more durable, and never have that annoying problem where one burnt out bulb kills your whole strand.

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You’ll get a full 100,000 hours out of most LEDs; they’re made with less nasty chemicals than tungsten bulbs and come in all kinds of cute shapes. What more could you ask for? In fact, there is really no reason not to upgrade to LEDs this year.

Some people criticize LED lights for not being “twinkly” enough, or for their color rendering for being too blue or “cool”. If these are your concerns, fear not. LEDs have come a long way in the past few years, and now most LED manufacturers sell twinkly “warm white” holiday lights, which are designed to mimic the glow of traditional yellowy tungsten bulbs – so you don’t have to lose that warm holiday glow.

Below are some varieties that we are coveting this year….

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SNOWFLAKES!!! SNOWFLAKES!!! SNOWFLAKES!!! $17.38 for 35-bulb string from Environmental Lights

“WARM” WHITE LIGHTS $18.39 for a string of 35 from Environmental Lights

“COOL” LED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS $11.99 Philips LED Lights from Target

Multi-Colored Wide-Angle lights $12.99 for 50-bulb string from

LED Christmas lights, energy efficient lights, LEDs, LED holiday lights, efficient bulbs, sustainable lighting, green your christmas tree, green christmas ICICLE LED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS $10.99 from Home Depot

SOLAR POWERED LEDS – $19.99 From Target – $79.99 from Mr. Light

+ LED Christmas Lights