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The lean, trapezoidal building sits on a two storey rectangular base, which houses the entrance, service rooms and garage. The remaining ten floors seem to float above the base, extending toward the surrounding streets.  The aerodynamic shape was designed to deflect wind gusts, which move fluidly around the façade.

The Indra Building’s façade is a large glass curtainwall of panels, which flood each office in the building with natural light. Some of the glass panels open in to allow natural ventilation throughout the building.  The exterior has been treated with a multi-purpose decorative shell and the glass skin is encased with a golden mesh fabric made from panels of stainless steel. The mesh fabric protects the interior from solar gain and has a shade coefficient of 50%. It also creates privacy during daytime, and a light and airy appearance to the façade. About a quarter of the golden screens have 90 centimeter spherical cuts in them, some convex and some concave, which give the luminous exterior an interesting texture and pattern. At night, when interior lights are illuminated, the building then becomes almost transparent. The golden façade of the day looks like a light screen, giving passersby a glimpse of the activity within.

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