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Piampiano Residence, Studio B Architects, mountain home, reclaimed wood, green home, woody creek, aspen, colorado

Piampiano Residence is actually a remodel of an existing home next to the Roaring Fork river in Woody Creek, CO. Regulations of Pitkin County would not allow a new home to be built so close to the river, so instead the home was renovated to meet the owners’ needs. Using the existing home as a basis, Studio B planned a series of new additions that would be appropriate for the site. The new home consists of a two story main house with a large ground floor living space and a guest room and master suite on the second floor. Situated next to the house is a garage topped with a one bedroom apartment for use as a rental or guest room.

With such an immediate connection to the river, nature and the outdoors played a strong role in the design and development. Energy efficient design is seen firstly in the construction of a tight and high performance envelope with high efficiency windows and spray foam insulation. Inside the home utilizes a high efficiency boiler, radiant heating, energy efficient appliances, and has no need for air conditioning. Light maple finishes help bounce natural light around the inside and low VOC materials and paints allow for improved air quality. Finally the exterior is clad in reclaimed wood, which reflects the immediate surroundings of tall conifers and will blend even more as time goes by.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Derek Skalko and Andrew Pogue