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Dixon’s sculpture is a giant, playful wind chime. With the aid of assistants, the kineticsculpture was constructed on site over the course of an entire month. A rustic red wooden bridge hangs between two high points over a deep ravine, surrounded by rich foliage.  Below, Dixon has dangled oversized chimes of varying sizes. Made from gold anondized aluminum, the bevel cut pipes hang in formation, coming to a point in the center, which almost touches the ground below.

Chimecco can at first go unnoticed to the passing visitor; hidden below the bridge, it only wakes up when it clangs with the passing wind.  Dixon wanted visitors to discover his piece, stumbling upon it as a surprise, either by awakening it with movement or with the force of nature as the wind blows. After discovered, visitors are encouraged to interact with the sculpture, using each pipe to create their own music, or to walk across the bridge above where there are interactive nodes.

Dixon plays with the fusion of music and interaction as a means for humans to interact with one another and to play. The sculpture has gained much attention, including being one of the subjects of a Danish documentary about “Sculpture By the Sea.” All of the sculptures in the exhibition are for sale- Chimecco weighs in at a cool €26,000.

+ Mark Nixon

Via World Architecture News