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Inspiration for the Tubehotel came from the work of architect Andreas Strauss and Desparkhotel and the need to adapt an inexpensive room for users. The client liked the concept of the pipe hotel and worked with the architect to design a hotel with 20 rooms. Unlike Strauss’ Desparkhotel, tubes were placed on top of each other to create a second story accessed via a staircase to create more density as well as better views for the upper floors.

Each tube is 2.44 m wide and 3.50 m long and accommodates a queen bed with space underneath for storage. Custom built end caps provide windows and a door on one side with curtains for privacy. The tube rooms certainly aren’t large enough for a bathroom, so the hotel offers two bathhouses for their guests’ use.

t3arc was responsible for building the first modular set of three tube rooms, while the hotel completed the remaining rooms. The tubes were placed around a central outdoor courtyard situated amongst the trees with respect to the topography. Construction of the hotel took about 3 months.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Luis Gordoa