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Hüttenpalast, or the Hut Palace, is a small hotel in the Neukölln neighborhood in southern Berlin. The masterminds behind the project wanted to share their neighborhood with tourists and give them a cool place to hang out, which is why they took over an old factory with an outdoor courtyard. At the heart of the project is the old production hall, which is now a 200 sq meter ‘playground’ filled with an indoor garden and renovated caravans and wooden huts you can sleep in. All of the accommodations were designed and built by local artists and designers. The hotel is a parody on the German ‘Schrebergartenglück’ (the joy of spending some time in a small garden plot in the middle of many other small garden plots) and guests of the hotel can sit on the lawn furniture and walk around in their flip flops even in the middle of the winter.

If camping, even if it is indoors, isn’t quite your style, the hotel also has 6 real rooms with en-suite bathrooms and the original high-ceilinged, long-windowed factory architecture. An outdoor garden and courtyard connect the accommodations with the hotel’s cafe, which offers pastry breakfasts, coffee and a weekly changing lunch menu that focuses on regional and seasonal products. The cafe has been open for a short time now and the hotel is now taking reservations starting in June 2011.

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