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H Arquitectes, House 205, Designed for Disassembly, Spain, Spanish design, wooden house, recyclable wood, reusable wood, TYVEK, energy efficiency, Green Materials, Recycled Materials

The geometrical wooden House 205 stands firmly within a thicket of trees and bushes. Designed to have a minimal footprint on the ground it sits, the structure is built on a natural rocky platform atop concrete stilts. This not only reduced costs during construction, but the home required less energy and fewer foundation materials to erect the structure. The shelter’s patio is on a wooden platform from which inhabitants can enjoy amazing views and the fresh air of the mountains.

House 205’s ventilated facades are a coniferous wood called Flanders pine and its transferability is guaranteed with a TYVEK panel, which protects the wood. Inside, everything was also made from wood, which makes ecological and visual sense as forests are all around it. The rooms are located one next to the other, and thanks to big sliding doors, the house can work as an open-plan or as individual spaces providing the lucky owners with both harmony and versatility.

+ H Arquitectes

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Photos by Starp Estudi and Anna Bonet