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Graham Hill has many claims to fame, but the one that reverberates the loudest is his viral Ted Talk, which explored how doing more with less is not only a more sustainable lifestyle, but one that can bring us greater health and happiness. Hill applied this philosophy to 20 extra-large RC3 units, collectively called the “Graham Hill Collection.” The open-layout space is equipped with a central bedroom cube, multiple workspaces, recessed storage spaces, a living room, kitchen, dining area, and curtains to close off portions of the apartment for privacy.

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“I want to think through residents’ needs before they even occur,” says Hill, “and customize with the same kind of maximizing resourcefulness I’ve brought to my own home.” Designed by Saucier + Perrotte, the 29-story RC3 condo comprise 330 units, ranging from 316 square feet to 1,663 square feet in size. Urban Capital, the company responsible for Toronto’s first micro condos, Smart House, developed the RC3 project.

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