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CAEaCLAVELES, hotel, green roof, eco travel, spain, Longo Roldan Arquitectos

Located just 4 km from the coastal town of Llanes and a 5 minute walk from the village of La Pereda, Caeaclaveles is a quiet retreat in the countryside. Trains from nearby Oviedo and Santander pass through Llanes, making this hotel super easy to reach. The hotel offers 5 cozy bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and garden views, a king-size bed and a seating area. A bar and restaurant on site serve breakfast and other meals on the outdoor terrace.

Local zoning and building requirements in part dictated the design of the hotel and residence. The building radiates out from the center to three points with views of the mountains to the north and shaded and protected zones in each enclosure. The ground grows up and over the entire building, providing as extra lawn space for guests. The interior is cordoned off by a large stone wall that provides load bearing support and separates the hotel from the private residence and studio. Light permeates through translucent floor-to-ceiling windows into all the rooms. The green roof blends the hotel into the landscape, reducing its visual impact and energy use through added insulation.

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