This verdant soccer training facility in France shows its love for all things turf by expanding its pitch right onto its roof! The Centre de Formation de Football in Amiens consists of a facility and office space to support the athletes right alongside a field where the team practices. Designed by Chartier – Corbasson and finished in 2009, the facility is sure to inspire its athletes and maybe even provide for some interesting drills while playing on the roof.

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The French soccer facility, which we just saw on ArchDaily, is a tw0-story building with office space, accommodations for the trainees and training spaces, and the lower level includes dressing rooms, a medical unit, services, and activity halls. Located on the banks of the River Selle, the side of the building facing the river is used for “inward-looking features.”

On the pitch side of the building, the soccer field slopes up and folds and curves to cover the roof completely in grass. The lower floor opens directly onto the pitch, while the second floor opens onto a balcony protected by the sloping green roof. It’s hard to tell where the roof begins and ends in relation to the soccer field. The large overhangs of the roof provide shade to the interior and improve the overall energy performance of the building.

+ Chartier – Corbasson

Via ArchDaily

photo credits: Philippe Ruault, Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre