We hold a special place in our hearts for green roofs and the economy of modular construction. GreenGrid Roofs brings the best of both worlds together as a modular green roof system. Competitive in cost to built-in-place green roofs, GreenGrid Roofs is made up of preplanted modules composed of recycled plastics that can be sited right on top of an existing roof, as long as the structure will hold. So whether you are ready to canvas your entire roof, a portion, or even bring these modules down to ground level – GreenGrid Roofs works beautifully.

GreenGrid Roofs carry many other benefits of built-in-place green roofs, too, including reduced energy costs, reduced urban heat island effect, added sound insulation, added aesthetics, stormwater management, and government incentives. The additional advantages of GreenGrid Roofs include quick installation, easy placement, and flexibility for easy alternations, additions, easy maintenance, and roof repair. Plus, the recycled materials making up the GreenGrid Roof modules (60 post-industrial, recycled, high molecular weight polyethylene) contribute to LEED credits.

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