You might already DIY, but do you GIY? New York-based Ecovative Design is already known for creating packaging and even buildings out of mushroom root material, and now they are bringing that ability to the masses with their “grow-it-yourself” kits. The easy-to-use GIY kits contain everything you or someone on your holiday giftlist would need to create your own sustainably-made products using Ecovative’s signature mushroom material.

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Ecovative Design has grown substantially over the years as their innovative mushroom-based, eco-friendly products have become more mainstream. Although the company is primarily known for its use of agriculture waste products to create biodegradable alternatives for environmentally damaging packing materials, it also creates insulation, wine bottle shippers, candle holders, etc. Ecovative products are now used for the packaging needs of major companies such as Dell and Ford.

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Now the company is encouraging customers to create their own homemade sustainable products by supplying users with a GIY design kit that comes complete with the company’s mushroom materials. For $14.99, Ecovative will send you a bag of dehydrated mushroom materials, flour, guar gum, gloves, a sample mold and an incubator bag. If you’d prefer, it’s also possible to buy just the mushroom materials for $9.99. The mushroom products have been dehydrated so they do not need refrigeration and can be shipped internationally.

“It’s a way to get it out there and test ideas and see what people think,” said product developer Gordon MacPherson when the Grow-it-Yourself kits went on the sale two weeks ago. Additionally, MacPherson explained that the company is using the kits to collaborate with SmartKids NY, an educational program that brings new technologies to the classroom through hands-on experiments.

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