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Caravanniversary, Headlands Center for the Arts, reclaimed materials, Marin Headlands, Marin County

Perhaps the most eye-catching installation on display at the Caravanniversary show is Suzanne Husky’s Sleeper Cell, which is part of her larger exhibit, which was on display at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco in 2011. Husky’s sleeper cell consists of a small, handcrafted, dome-shaped structure that’s made from reclaimed materials. Inside, the pod contains blankets, pillows, and reading materials. “The Sleeper Cells project stems from my photo documentary piece on “off-the-grid” living, in which anarchitecture is a central element,” writes Husky. “The portraits depict self-acknowledged green anarchists who live according to American philosopher Henry David Thoreau’s principles.”

Another interesting installation is Bernie Lubell’s Sufficient Latitude, a large, elaborate interactive sculpture that’s meant to simulated the experience of being adrift on the sea. With a wooden stationary bike, visitors can make make a large sheet of black plastic swell and crash like ocean waves. A second stationary bike can be used to make a boat rock up and down. Meanwhile, visitors can interact with Sasha Petrenko’s Story Shell in different ways. Petrenko requested that participants bring a 1-square-foot piece of fabric. Additionally, Petrenko asked that visitors write a personal story or recollection about the Headlands on a piece of paper, so that the walls of the pod are literally lined with people’s stories. And Josh Shortcontributed several pieces, including an owl made of cardboard.

Headlands Center for the Arts was established in 1982 in several artist-renovated military buildings located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the scenic Marin Headlands. The center runs a major artist residency program, and it regularly opens its doors to the public for openings and other events. On September 15, the Headlands celebrated its 30th anniversary, and to honor the milestone, it held a large celebration with interactive installations, an art obstacle course, and other events. After the main event, several of installations were moved inside for a temporary Caravanniversary exhibit, which runs through Nobember 4.

View more photos of the Caravanniversary show at Inhabitat’s Flickr page.

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All photos by Mark Andrew Boyer for Inhabitat