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Built in collaboration with Tillotson Design Associates and bengal.fierro, INABA’s street-level “New York Light” installation will offer visitors a unique view of the Flatiron building while also providing a luminous space for public events. The large steel tube installation will frame the Flatiron building to its south and continue north along Broadway, opening up to outline a prefect view of the iconic Empire State Building. The brilliant structure will use mirrored panels to reflect the views of the plaza’s surroundings during the day, and at night, flashing LEDs will illuminate the installation to create dramatic vantage points of the city.

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According to Jeffrey Inaba, Founder of INABA, the prime location was paramount to the group’s inspiration for the interactive installation. “The Flatiron Plaza is one of the few places where it’s possible to experience the magnificence of Manhattan’s urban plan,” he said. “And it’s a unique spot in the heart of the city where the sky and skyline can be seen from street level. The installation is meant to be a place to take in these qualities, as well as to appreciate all of the street activity day and night which are reflect by its mirrored panels.”

The New York Light installation will be unveiled in the North Public Plaza at Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street just before the Thanksgiving holiday.


Via Archinect