When it comes to the essentials at home, sanity trumps vanity. In old apartments and houses, big clunky radiators seem like a necessary annoyance, but do they really have to be?

Dutch designer Joris Laarman specializes in “reinventing functionality.” With his gorgeous new Heat Wave radiator, he has managed to transform what was once a bulky necessary evil into a stunning piece of sculpture that functions just as well as wall art, as it does in heat radiation. Luckily for all of us, Droog Design has recognized the genius of this design and has put the Heat Wave Radiator into mass production, so now we can all bask in its warmth.

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The gorgeously baroque radiator is made from fiber-reinforced concrete, and can be sized according to customer specifications. As is true with any radiant surface, the greater the area, the better the heat distribution – so all the little folds and swirls in this beautiful design are not merely decorative; they actually increase the radiator’s heating capacity.

We hope you’ll agree that Heat Wave is the epitomy of future-forward design.

+ www.jorislaarman.com + www.droogdesign.nl

via: Yanko Design