Celebrated Dutch design collective Droog Design pushed green design ideas to the forefront this year with their ‘A Touch of Green’ presentation in Milan. Echoing this Inhabitant’s focus on the boundaries of sustainable design, Droog brought together a whole host of designers – some new, some familiar – to showcase a range of approaches in an effortlessly curated, but typically stylish show complete with a buzzing 48 hour shop. Among our favorites are Tejo Remy’s furniture made from collected components, SMAQ’s take on thermal comfort and Jens Praet’s functional, waste-diverting pieces, but the Droog show offered exciting new design perspectives at every turn. Read on for more highlights!

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Tejo Remy’s classic re-emerges in the form of his limited special edition Chest of Drawers XS.

Crystal Virus: Massive Infection by Pieke Bergmans defines product and process as inseparable.

Rag chairs byInhabitat favorite Tejo Remy. See Inhabitat’s post on Tejo Remy here.

SMAQ’s Cosy Chair – Made from stainless steel it argues “heat is only necessary when it is actually used…the Cosy chair is an inhabitable radiator space.”

Using left over low fire point parts, Minale-Maeda’s Re-Arita highlights the integrity in sustainable production methods. Fired at a lower temperature, for less time, 30% less energy is used.

One day paper waste & Elle left over magazines are Jens Praet’s statement pieces designed in reaction to his concerns over document waste. His products are invited to re-enter the spaces in which they were once discarded, as permanent pieces of useful furniture.

Plaited Fence. Martín Azúa dealing with the plastic bag problem.

Saving Grace, borosilicate glass light shades designed by Adrien Rovero around the energy saving light bulb.

And a few more light’s we’ve spotted over the last few days designed around the eco-light bulb, at Salone Satellite:

Mattias Ries with his Chanterelle lights.

Benoît Deneufbourg’s light stools.