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The only stipulations FIGMENT had for entries into its competition, aside from transportation issues, was that they must be made of recycled or recyclable materials. Brooklyn-based STUDIOKCA, which combines Jason Klimoski’s Lighting Studio and Lesley Chang’s Architecture Office, looked to the every growing problem of disposable plastic bottles as inspiration for their project. Since buying bottled water has become part of our everyday consumer culture, STUDIOKCA wanted to find a way to repurpose them, while also allowing them to be recycled after use.

The resulting cloud-like pavilion will incorporate 53,780 recycled bottles (the amount of bottles thrown away in just one hour in New York City) into a 40’x18’x15’ wood and aluminum structure. Some of the clear plastic bottles will be filled with blue colored water, to give the cloud structure a glittering iridescence that catches the sun and filters light into the interior of the pavilion. One gallon water jugs will be transformed into translucent “pillows” that will adorn the top of the structure. The bottles are woven onto a mesh that will allow the designers to shape them into a cloud shape.

Over 200,000 visitors will experience Head in the Clouds. STUDIOKCA hopes to fund the project with the proceeds from their Kickstarter campaign.

+ Head in the Clouds Kickstarter