It may be awhile before mass-marketed electric vehicles are commercially available, but a new electric scooter can be purchased as early as this winter. Yesterday, Honda unveiledthe EV-neo, an all-new, zero-emissions scooter. Though the motorbike will only be sold in Japan at first, Honda execs say they have their eyes on China, one of the hugest motorbike markets in the world.

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The EV-neo can drive for about 19 miles per charge. The scooter’s lithium-ion batteries recharge to 80 percent capacity in only 20 minutes when using a rapid charger; fully recharging the scooter takes about four hours with a normal socket.

Honda will put the EV-neo up for sale in Japan beginning this December. After that, the company hopes to expand sales into China, which has a yearly demand for about 17 million motorbikes. So far pricing information hasn’t been revealed, but Honda says the EV-neo will be comparable to the cost of traditional, gasoline-powered scooters.

Via PlanetArk