Designboom points us to this quirky House on a Tree art installation, which recently sprung up at the University of Warsaw Library. Designed by the Warsaw Art-curator Collective konarska-konarski the morphic public installation is intended to raise awareness of sustainable development and consists of one house set in a tree and another hovering within the library’s walls.

Beata Konarska and Pawel Konarski, House on a Hree, University of Warsaw library, sustainable art project, Sustainable Art Exhibit,

How can we read this as a statement about sustainability? One interpretation is that the house in the tree, like a discarded plastic bag, got caught in the branches, alien to its new surroundings. It is still intact but lives a precarious existence in nature, as though it was a disposable afterthought.

The home in the library floats effortlessly above the day-to-day activities. It hovers in an environment protected from the whims of nature, cradled in the confines of a store of knowledge. Could this be the same house finding itself in very different circumstances simply because of how it is regarded? The pieces are built from Forex Boards, a light-weight material in order to not damage the tree.

+ Konarska-Konarski

Via Designboom