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Hug It Forward brings communities together with a worthwhile goal: to get the project done “as one”. It’s an inspiring self and community empowering initiative that also has certain environmental benefits. For months, communities work together to collect the trash that is used to insulate their schools, taking it off their streets and right into the walls of their new buildings.

The bottles are then stuffed with plastic bags and other waste before the whole thing is then enmeshed in chicken wire. The wire is attached to the framing, and then everything is stabilized with concrete – which is not our favorite building material, but does work to render the building completely safe. We’re not sure if the carbon footprint of concrete negates the rest of the building’s goodness, but we do have to give kudos where they are due. Also, you may have notices that this particular project in Las Mananitas has a bamboo roof! If you like this post, please, hug it forward!

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