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From a birds eye view, the sprawling installation appears like a massive spiral spinning toward a large circular pool in the center. The spiral is made from two arcing pathways, one of circular pyramids made from sand and rising from the desert floor, and the other a path of circular scoops, also in a conical shape. The entire installation displaced 280,000 square feet of sand, repurposing the grains removed for the holes into oversized cones that make up the spiral’s second arm.

Desert Breath takes on a different look depending on the time of day and position of the sun. The reflecting pool in the middle morphs from black to bright blue to brilliant gold as the sun passes across the desert, creating a surreal effect. The cones and holes also change as shadows move with the sun, the cones casting triangles at some points of the day, and the holes appearing like moon phases during others.

At ground level, the incredible installation looks like a field of four to five foot pyramids, evoking the Great Pyramids in Cairo. Because of the stoic nature of the desert, the artists anticipate Desert Breath to remain for years to come.

+ Danae Stratou

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