Canadian company Infinyte has created two solar-electric hybrid boats that offer consumers zero emissions water fun. The i4 and soon-to-be-released i8 model can run up to 8 miles per hour and 20 miles per hour respectively. The i4 turns on a dime and will power up in your garage using a standard electrical outlet.

The i4 model is 14 feet long, weighs 710 pounds, and is powered by twin 24V batteries. Perhaps the best thing about the i4 besides its green credentials is that it is controlled by a joystick. Now you can ride your own battery-powered toy boat across the lake. All this green water fun can be had in the i4 for a price of $12,999. The i8 will be 25 feet long and have a roof packed with solar panels. The i8’s electric batteries will be backed up by a biodiesel generator.

+ Infinyte Marine

Via Alternative Energy News