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Circulation through the museum was a large part of the design strategy, and people are just as important to the program as the art itself. Entrance to the museum is gained through a large park surrounding the building, which are also a natural extension of the park’s pathways. The building itself is elevated slightly so as to reduce the risk associated with flooding in the area. A spiraling ramp on the exterior winds its way up to the top to an outdoor art terrace and green roof that is used for both exhibitions and events. The ramp ascends at a degree of 4% or less, so as to make circulating the space a comfortable experience.

The proposed form combines both the children’s museum and the contemporary museum in one vertical column with a small footprint. As the building’s form expands as it goes up, it also provides shade to the lower levels and the park surrounding the building. The green roof absorbs rainwater through both the ramp and the green roof art terrace, while carefully chosen local biodiverse flora will serve as an extra tourist attraction. Geothermal heat pumps will provide energy efficient heating and cooling.