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Invader is a French artist  known for installing Space Invader video game icons made from tiles on streets all over the world. The quirky Atari-inspired pieces have popped up on six out of seven continents, and they’re often not removed by building owners since their mosaic quality doesn’t look like vandalism. He’s know for hitting the most out-of-reach and unexpected places, so his appearance under the sea seems fitting.

The first to be hit was Taylor’s “Urban Reef,” an underwater sculpture series of suburban homes – a suitable start for Invader. Blue and black space invaders were affixed to the side of one home, while a red creature popped up nearby on “The Silent Evolution,” an epic grouping of figures standing together.

Taylor’s sculptures are not just art installations – they also provide shelter for underwater creatures. Coral and other animals quickly bond to his sculptures’ surfaces, creating a new environment and eco-system for them to thrive. With his underwater art installations, Taylor helps to provide safe havens for sea life, despite the increasing pollution that hinders their longevity.

Taylor’s collaboration with Invader only adds a new layer to his already impressive series of works, which bring awareness to the importance of marine life and coral reefs.

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