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Although Grecia House’s entrance is covered with greenery, it’s hard to miss the bright, sunny door. While otherwise inconspicuous from the street, the home provides views of its pristine gardens and trees from all of its interior spaces. The outdoor wooden deck was designed for the owner to entertain his large family and additional space can be provided if thesliding floor-to-ceiling windows are opened.

The interior is minimal and light in design, featuring natural materials, Danish classics and an enclosed patio areas full of plants. The original trees found on the plot were left in place and now theygrow surrounded by the home’s sleek architecture.

Tall palm and banana trees create a tiny urban jungle in the middle of the Grecia House. A balcony completely covered in reddish wood planks overlooks a tranquil swimming pool that was designed using the original land depression. Grecia House provides a minimal oasis within São Paulo’s busy life.

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Photo © FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura / architectural photography