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Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank, morphosis architecture, leaning tower, solar passive design, green building, sustainable architecture

The Hypo Bank headquarters consists of two wings built into the earth at the base of the tower, which shoots up seven stories at a dramatic tilt. The structure is angled 14 degrees to the south, which allowing each floor to shade the floor beneath it during hot summer days. Naturally, a great deal of engineering accompanied the building’s planning to make the design economical and workable. The tower features an east-west orientation with a narrow 14 meter-wide floor plan to allow daylight to reach every part of the office space.

The narrow floor plan features operable windows that encourage natural ventilation by allowing fresh air to flow through the spaces and up through the large central atria. Stairs and bridges criss-cross through this large open space, connecting the occupants together. The occupant’s health, happiness, and productivity were also key design criteria, and as such, each office space offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The building plan optimizes the use of space while encouraging movement and activity in the employees.