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With the four buildings placed on the outer edges of the plot, a small-scale outdoor space is defined, one that fits with the medieval city structure. The building’s outdoor facilities continue the building’s overall design concept past the edges of the lot and introduce new views and aspects to the immediate locale. The planned inclusion of shopping, commercial, residential, and office use enables a flexible pattern of inhabitation that also integrates itself conceptually into the city surroundings.

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Designed to minimize energy usage with natural ventilation and plenty of natural light, the building keeps CO2 emissions at 10kg/m2/year. A custom LED lighting scheme was developed for the outdoor spaces by J Mayer H. in cooperation with Lichtbau Schneider Moll.

J Mayer H. Studio are known for their work in integrating modern design with historical context, exemplified by previous projects such as their award winning futuristic design for Quartier M in Düsseldorf and their unique reinterpretation of the classic Berlin apartment building.

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Photographs copyright David Franck for J Mayer H.